By this date Ancient Egypt has developed one of the great civilizations of world history And here's a blogpost [2] about Minoan seals from 2015, before this particular seal was found 2000 - c 1500 BCE) on the island of Crete located in the eastern Mediterranean Read on The first literate civilizations in European history flourish - the Minoan on Crete and the Mycenaean in Greece Here's the wikipedia page [1] on Minoan sealsWith their unique art and architecture, and the spread of their ideas through contact with other cultures across the Aegean, the Minoans made a significant contribution to the development of Western European civilization Dec 01, 2021 Ancient-Origins Premium offers exclusive content, articles, offers, discounts and much more Read articles in Archaeology, Myths and Legends, Ancient Places, Mysterious Artefacts, History and Unexplained PhenomenaPlease note that some of these recommendations are listed under our old name, Ancient History EncyclopediaOur publication has been reviewed for educational use by Common Sense Education, Internet Scout, Merlot II, OER Commons and School Library Journal North East Africa history 1500BCE 29/10/2021 12:42:07 Cookie Policy +44 (0) 203 8794 460 Free Membership LoginNov 26, 2021 This is an impressive seal, but not really such an outlier compared to the prior findsLogin; Egypt 2500 BCEOct 29, 2021 Minoan Group PLC 29 October 2021 29 October 2021 Minoan Group Plc ("Minoan") Loan Extension The Directors are pleased toMar 29, 2018 The Minoan civilization flourished in the Middle Bronze Age (cNumerous educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and University of Missouri