If you want to use colors of course just hang on in google and type in the search minecraft color guide and click on the first link instead of the symbol use this symbol sect and after you renamed the item click ok and then save the changes the purple button on the left top corner and now you can close the nbtexplorer.

Edit the amount of ram that minecraft can use youll see a line of text in the jvm arguments text field the first section of which says xmx1g change the 1 to the number of gigabytes of ram you want to use for minecraft for example you would change this text to say xmx4g to use four gigabytes of ram with minecraft.

Make sure minecraft pe is up to date sneaking is a relatively new feature for minecraft pe version 0 12 1 so youll need to have the latest updates to access it android open the google play store and search for minecraft pocket edition if the page has an update button tap it to download and install any updates.