Unlike many other minimap mods xaeros minimap keeps the aesthetic of vanilla minecraft which helps it be a more seamless addition to the game it is also the first rotating square minimap for minecraft among a wide variety of customization settings there is an option for a circle shaped minimap and a separate setting for locking the minimaps rotation using a direction arrow.

Plugin manager is a plugin for notepad that allows you to install update and remove plugins from the source code editor a centrally hosted xml file holds the list of plugins that the plugin.

Download and run the recommended installer for the needed minecraft version 1 10 2 1 9 4 etc this should create a new forge profile in your minecraft client if this is your first time using forge to change which forge version to run youll have to edit the forge profile.

United angels network girls only server 1 17 1 minecraft server all girls are invited to join the ultimate community unleash girls power without any nasty or viol.

Edit 1 18 release is now available dear all as we mark the 9 year anniversary of spigotmc org it is my pleasure to announce that development preview builds of spigot for minecraft 1 18 are now available owing to the shorter interval between 1 17 and 1 18 this is a smaller update than previous major releases.