Having a clogged sewer line is a frustrating problem for homeowners fortunately you might be able to fix the smelly situation without hiring an expensive plumbing service or using a snake once you take the necessary precautions you can.

Unclog your sewer main in your new jersey home signs that a sewer line clog is here a professional drain contractor should address the problem of any wastewater if you notice a foul smelling odor coming from your sink toilet bathtub or shower it is possible that your sewer line has become clogged.

A main sewer line clog might not seem to present an immediate threat to your home like oh a fire but its an issue that should be addressed quickly.

The blades come in different sizes so be sure to select the appropriate size of snake for the drain that has the clog the snake can also be used with the water and vinegar and baking soda methods mentioned later in the article 2 dish soap hot water another great natural way to unclog your slow drain is to use dish soap and hot water if.

If you rsquo re looking for a sewer line outside look for a black or white pipe with a plastic cap along the outside of your home which allows direct access to your home rsquo s main sewer line unwrap the detector line from the spool and push the end through the pipe so it extends out about 15 feet 4 6 m.

How to unclog a toilet without a plunger whether caused by flushing the wrong items having a low flow toilet a blocked vent or main sewer line problems a clogged toilet can be stressful if you don rsquo t have a plunger you can solve the problem using baking soda and vinegar a toilet auger or a wire hanger.

How to fix a sewer main drain clog although a drain snake is usually used to locate and break up a clog in a branch drain line a clog in the sewer main drain is a more serious problem requiring the use of a sewer drain snake used through a main clean out fitting in cases where there is no clean out the process of clearing a sewer stoppage.

Twist push and pull the cable to break it up and unclog the drain when using a sewer rod direct the rod through the pipe until you reach the obstruction push the rod forward and pull it back to break up the clog work the auger or rod in both directions of the drain line mdash back towards the house and out from the house.

An auger mdash also known as a plumbing snake mdash or flat sewer rod can clear blockages deep in drain lines chemical drain cleaners contain a high concentration of lye bleach or sulfuric acid to soften and break up clogs see below for instructions and tips on using each of these solutions.

This allows the new line to tie into the existing stub rather than trying to cut into the main sewer line when the capped pipe is found an elevation check is done to ensure correct pitch of the sewer line which tends to be two inches of fall per ten feet of pipe.

Without a route to the main sewer system or septic field wastewater may have nowhere to go but to back up into your fixtures or up through floor drains when faced with a sewer line drain clog you should not use any of the plumbing in.

The fizzy reaction of baking soda and vinegar is often enough to shift blockages mdash without any frantic plunging on your part but if your clog is particularly stubborn and your toilet remains stopped up its best to call a local plumbing pro and let them get your bathroom back in order how to unclog a toilet with baking soda and vinegar.

A sewer snake also known as a plumber rsquo s snake or plumber rsquo s auger can often remove tough clogs in a drainpipe that plunging can rsquo t manage for clogs even deeper in the sewer line mdash as.

Once you do so the toilet will unclog and flush freely alternatively you could use hot water and shampoo from the sink if you wish to clear your toilet without leaving your bathroom the snake for about 25 you can purchase a toilet snake you only need to purchase it once and you rsquo ll avoid chemical use.

It is a simple tool to unclog a bath drain without chemicals does this work for clogs in the trap or down the line or both snake and bucket of.

Just as plumbing pipes come in various lengths and diameters drain augers come in various sizes to match them the largest is a sewer auger which can be 1 2 inch in diameter or more and up to 50 feet or more in length if you try to use one of these on your toilet the snake wont go down the toilet nor will it make it past the first bend in a sink p trap and it will.

Excessive pressure can damage the drain line connection resulting in leaks or a ruined trap do snake the drain a plumber rsquo s drain snake or auger features a long coiled cable with a hook or.

How to unclog a shower drain there are several ways you can unclog a shower drain a popular option to try which does not require the use of any chemicals is to snake the drain so well focus on how to unclog a shower drain with a snake you can purchase a drain snake also known as a hand auger at your local hardware store.

Unfortunately clogs often happen at inconvenient and hard to reach places in your plumbing system a cleanout is an easily accessible section of pipe with a removable cover that makes it easier for you or a plumber to access your pipes this access lets you run an auger or snake into the pipes to clear clogs and provides easy access for a plumber with a camera to.

Get the ridgid 3 ft toilet auger to quickly and safely clear toilet obstructions this hand powered auger features a durable kink resistant 1 2 in compression wrapped inner core cable and large ergonomically.