Using a distinctive phrase connected with your business can help create and improve your companys brand recognition to prevent other companies from using your phrase you need to know how to trademark a phrase find out what kind of trademark protection is available for phrases including catchphrases slogans taglines and mottos.

Updated june 23 2020 how to trademark a slogan go to the united states patent and trademark office uspto website check the trademark electronic search system tess database make sure the slogan isnt already registered in the same category submit your trademark application.

Reasons to not trademark a phrase expensive fees to trademark a phrase in more than one business class you have to pay the registration fee for each class a trademark costs from 225 to 400 to register if you trademark a phrase for three classes you will pay nearly 1 000 in fees confusing rules.

A word phrase design on the other hand a federal trademark registration can provide nationwide legal protection for your brand in connection with particular goods or services it is your choice whether to protect your brand under trademark law you might also choose to protect a slogan or logo for those goods or services if you.

A company might register its business name a slogan and a logo to ensure the broadest possible protection this gives companies flexibility in their promotional matter social media and webpages to mix and match marks sometimes using a slogan or design alone or a design with the slogan and still protect all their marks.

A trademark is a symbol word or phrase that represents a product or a service if someone else tries to use it you have the right to take legal action to protect it using soft and bright as the slogan for an undershirt company would be suggestive descriptive.