After creating a new account switch to it and check if the issue appears on the new account if you are unable to sign in to an xbox account on your windows pc you might be able to fix the problem by starting the application from an administrator account.

4 enter your email phone or skype number associated with your xbox live account 5 enter your xbox live password 6 choose a sign in and security preference 7 confirm its you in front of the kinect if you have a kinect.

This could mean youre not using a test account to attempt sign in or your test account doesnt have access to the same sandbox youre signed in as double check the instructions on creating test accounts in xbox live test accounts if necessary create a new test account with access to the appropriate sandbox.

1 create a new microsoft account do not use this account to sign in to the xbox app in windows 10 yet because then you will be assigned a random gamertag and will have to restart the process again 2 wait for 30 days 3 now you can use the xbox 360 to transfer the gamertag to the new microsoft account you created in step 1.

If xbox live is down you can rsquo t sign into xbox live account just go to the xbox live status page to check the current status of every aspect of xbox live if it is down you can only wait for it to go back online perhaps this takes up to a.

Press the xbox button to open the guide now select profile system and go to add or switch select add new and enter your microsoft account credentials configure your security preferences on xbox one on the home screen scroll left to open the guide choose settings and select all settings go to account and choose remove accounts.