Part 1 how to factory reset locked iphone without passcode ios 14 supported apple wont allow you to reset iphone without passcode that is to say to reset an iphone first you need to unlock the lock screen and then go to setting general reset before performing factory reset it will require you to enter the passcode again.

Way 1 one click to factory reset iphone 13 without passcode how to factory reset a locked iphone without passcode if you forgot your iphone passcode or iphone is disabled after entering wrong passcode for too many times you can use an iphone passcode unlocker tool ndash tenorshare 4ukey to bypass iphone passcode and factory reset iphone.

Reset iphone 6 without passcode or itunes when locked when an iphone is disabled you have to factory reset it in order to unlock your iphone tenorshare 4ukey is the best software to reset disabled iphone to factory settings without itunes or passcode.

Solution 2 reset restriction passcode if you forgot it 2 1 get your iphone backed up to prevent data loss before you follow these steps you need to know that it will lead to data loss so maintain a backup that can be easily restored later.

How to reset a disabled iphone 7 without computer aside from the two useful tricks above the find my iphone function in icloud also manages to erase an iphone and reset the passcode this feature comes in handy to unlock your iphone 7 if you forget your passcode when you dont own a computer 1.

Apeaksoft ios unlocker will help you reset a stolen iphone without passcode ios unlocker 4 000 000 downloads unlock iphone ipad and ipod by removing passcode remove iphone passcode from locked disabled broken screen remove apple id without password from iphone ipad or ipod.

Download gecko iphone toolkit to reset passcode without restore we have all been through that sudden sometimes momentarily mental blackout where we forget our iphone passcode and let rsquo s never forget about the feature that apple has introduced that if you input your passcode incorrectly at least 10 times your iphone shuts down forever.

Easy operations to unlock iphone without the passcode removes the iphone lock screen without relying on itunes no tech knowledge require everybody can handle it works for all models of iphone ipad and ipod touch remove all types of ios devices screen passcode instantly fully compatible with the latest ios 11.

If you want to factory reset your iphone 6 6s 7 8 8 plus but cant remember the passcode this guide is what you need it contains all possible solutions to remove any passcode on any iphone or ipad plus if you dont want to lose data there is also the way to unlock iphone ipad without erasing.

It will completely factory reset your iphone without password now step 7 wait a few minutes now youve had successfully factory reset your iphone without password part 5 reset iphone without passcode by settings lastly to reset the iphone to factory settings without password you can contact the previous owner and ask him her to reset.

2 open your iphone 7 go to settings icloud then turn off find my iphone how to reset iphone 7 7 plus to factory settings with or without itunes we will offer you two following ways to reset iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus to factory setting with or without itunes in different situations.

Why youll have to reset the iphone without correct passcode when you forget your screen passcode on iphone you have 10 chances in theory before resorting to a factory reset but if you make more than 5 attempts of unlocking the phone with wrong passcode the device will disable itself for anywhere from 1 minute to one hour timeout before you.

Without using the passcode it rsquo s possible to learn how to unlock iphone 7 hopefully this will solve your problem in a breeze hopefully this will solve your problem in a breeze make sure to always keep a copy of your passcode.

Note you can reset the passcode when not synchronized with itunes you can try connecting the iphone to the computer but if the message says that the itunes require a pass code or without the passcode the device would not trust the computer it is time to use another method for backup.

Next you might have bought an iphone 8 but the previous owner didn rsquo t remove data you should factory reset iphone 8 right away in cases like this in addition you might have lost your iphone passcode and you can rsquo t open your device in addition your iphone 8 might be dealing with some software problems or it might be disabled.

4 quickly reset windows password in 3 steps without losing data how to reset password on windows 7 without reset disk step 1 create a password reset disk download install and run windows password genius and then select usb device or cd dvd as needed insert the usb flash drive cd dvd into the locked computer and click begin burning.

It can factory reset iphone without screen passcode or itunes it is compatible with all ios versions including ios 15 beta 14 13 it can also fix potential software system issues at the same time now follow the steps and using the advanced mode you will be able to reset your locked frozen stuck iphone 7 7 plus to factory settings.

Also read how to backup locked iphone before delete everything on iphone erase iphone without passcode or itunes via anyunlcok if you can rsquo t use the above method to erase the iphone without a passcode then you can seek help from a third party app ndash anyunlock ndash iphone password unlocker it allows you to erase your iphone even without a passcode so.

Another little tidbit in ios 15 2 is that apple has finally added the ability to erase and reset a locked iphone or ipad without first needing to connect it to a pc or mac.

The best solution in this case is to remove the forgotten password completely while the steps below remove previous passcodes you rsquo ll be able to unlock your device without a passcode or face id i unlock iphone when you forget passcode using find my find my can be used for much more than tracking lost or stolen iphones it helps unlock.

Question q factory reset my iphone without apple id passcode factory reset phone without previous users apple id passcode more less posted on jun 6 2020 9 15 am i understand you want to preform a factory reset on an iphone without the previous owners apple id or password.

Apple has brought a feature called security lockout mode to let users reset and erase data from their locked iphone or ipad without connecting them to a pc or mac the new feature is a part of.

For iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus press and hold the side button and volume down button for at least 10 seconds until you see the apple logo for iphone 6s or earlier models press and hold the home button and the top or side button for at least 10 seconds until you see the apple logo 2 remove iphone screen passcode without itunes icloud.