Servicing you bmw requires you to also reset the service light the operation for resetting bmw service lights is not the same across the range so this is the order of operations for any x5 or x6 e70 or e71 insert your remote key into.

What it means this warning light can have a lot of meanings depending on which car model you have in most car models it says that there is a minor problem with your engine it rsquo s just a warning light in some cars telling you it rsquo s time for scheduled service like oil replacement spark plug replacement etc how to solve it start by checking all the fluids in the engine bay.

This video helped me to reset the indicator lights eps tpm lights on the dashboard due to low voltage battery last night battery changed but those said lights remain on short pinning 4 9 on the obd connector using a paper clip did the trick for the abs vas eps for the tpm tried another method by resetting the tpm button and worked.

The warning lights on car dashboard are designed to inform you in advance if there is a problem with your vehicle if you know what the car warning lights mean you can take precautions in advance to prevent accidents in your vehicle so you can both prevent malfunctions that may occur in your vehicle and protect your safety.

4 the lights are dim if the dashboard lights in your chevy are dim chances are you can fix it yourself if its light out make sure that the headlights arent turned on many headlights often dim the dash automatically when theyre switched on so.