Besides setting up the link you also need to have a wi fi password for your hp printer to enjoy the perks of your hp being wireless in this article you will learn how you can find the wi fi password for your hp printer.

Jossie77 welcome to the hp support community the password would be 12345678 if this doesnt work we will restore the network settings on the printer press the wireless button and the cancel button from the printer control panel at the same time and then hold them for three seconds.

Hi carolinedovey thanks for stopping by the hp community a very good day to you i reviewed the post regarding issues printing from your iphone using hp smart app as it asks for a password i will be delighted to assist you here superb description and stupendous diagnosis of the issue before posting kudos to you for that.

The procedure of setting up wps pin on hp printer step 1 first of all all you gotta do is quickly run to your router and connect your hp printer to a wireless network using a wifi protected setup requirements of wps connection are you must have a wireless hp printer make sure that it supports wps push button mode.

Method 2 find printer rsquo s ip address in windows if you can find a computer with the printer installed here is how you can find the ip address of a network printer in windows 10 8 and 7 open the control panel and set the view by option to large icons click devices and printers right click on the printer installed on your pc and then.

The first thing you should do if you have decided to improve your printer security is to reset a password set on it since there are situations when users find resetting a password on an hp printer quite a challenge we have prepared steps that will help you to reset a wireless printer password.

Connect your hp printer with wps pin if your hp printer contains a screen you can easily connect it to your computer or another device in a convenient way just follow the given steps for finding the wps pin code of your hp printer turn on.

Take a look at your router to confirm your ssid and password and try re entering your network information into your printer is your printer too far away although we would like our devices to function perfectly from any point in our homes or offices the reality is that the closer to the source you are the better your device will respond.

Make sure that your computer and network are compatible in order to use hp auto wireless connect your computer and network configuration must meet the following requirements your computer must be running windows vista or later pcs or os x 10 5 leopard or later macintosh.

Now wait for the printer to print a document it can take some time so you may need to wait for a few minutes the printer information page should now be printed right in the page middle below the blue icon you can see the name of the printer and the printer password written under the wifi direct password we hope our suggestions helped you.