Technical level basic summary previously we looked at setting up a local account using the out of box experience wizard when we are setting up a windows 10 pc for the first time a local account provides all the traditional benefits of local authentication on a windows pc with a microsoft account there are additional benefits such as pc syncing which makes it.

The local pc and remote pc must be in the same azure ad tenant azure ad b2b guests are not supported for remote desktop ensure remote credential guard a new feature in windows 10 version 1607 is turned off on the client pc you are using to connect to the remote pc on the pc you want to connect to open system properties for the remote pc.

Vi press windows key p on the pc keyboard to invoke the project action bar charms menu and select the connect to a wireless display link at the bottom the action bar will now broadcast the microsoft adapter name or the tv name if it has a built in miracast adapter or both including all nearby devices which are ready to connect via.

Important microsoft will be removing the ability to add new accounts to outlook on the web using the connected accounts feature in september 2018 you won rsquo t be able to connect new accounts after september 15 2018 accounts that were connected before september 15 2018 will continue to sync as usual until october 30 2018.

Create a new service principal install the latest version of azure active directory powershell for graph for more information go to install azure active directory powershell for graph on your pc select the windows key on your keyboard and search for windows powershell and select run as administrator in the powershell window that opens enter install module.

Do you know how i can connect my minecraft mojang account to microsoft because i have not been able to log in for a few days.

Follow the below steps to link your product key to your microsoft account when you are in ldquo activation rdquo section click on the ldquo add an account rdquo link under ldquo add a microsoft account rdquo section use your microsoft username and password to connect your account to the product key.

How to add or remove trusted devices associated with your microsoft account when you try to view or edit sensitive info related to your microsoft account mdash like your credit card details mdash microsoft might ask you for a security code first to make sure that only you can get in to your account but you can designate a pc as a trusted device.

Connect your computer to the tv with a male to male dvi or vga or cable both the dvi and vga port on the computer and the tv should be exactly the same and the cable should have the same connector on both ends on some tvs the vga input is.

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How to connect windows 10 and android using microsofts your phone app microsoft is eager to tie your windows pc to your smartphone with the october 2018 update and above the your phone app.