The backlog of single family houses authorized for construction but not yet started jumped 4 8 to a rate of 152 000 last month the highest since august 2006 permits for future homebuilding increased 4 0 to a rate of 1 650 million units in october single family permits rose 2 7 to a rate of 1 069 million units leaving them just above starts.

Claims pending for 125 plus days are considered backlog va rsquo s claims inventory contains first time disability claims submitted by any veteran original claims and those submitted by veterans who previously filed for va disability.

A product backlog helps the product owner keep track of all the features that stakeholders would like to include in the product in other words the product backlog is kind of like a wish list of all possible features in the final product unlike a sprint backlog the product backlog is always changing and improving.

About the author doug howard doug howard doug serves as the director of consulting services for remodelers advantage a graduate of the wharton school of business he is an experienced leader entrepreneur and business consultant with over 25 years of success in leading organizations starting new companies and assisting client businesses as they start up.

Bidding is the lifeblood of the construction industry most contracts are only awarded after a competitive bidding process and unless there rsquo s a longstanding relationship competitive bidding is the only way to find work in the construction industry.

Road construction partners inc annual report 10 k this report contains forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties such as statements related to future events business strategy future performance future operations backlog financial position estimated revenues and losses projected costs prospects plans and objectives of.

This contributed to a growing backlog of homes that the company struggled to sell but the algorithm used to calculate the zestimate couldnt.

The reports below contain data covering claims inventory claims backlog claims accuracy and fully developed claims we can see that vba employees are completing more compensation claims than ever before more than three million claims were processed in the past three fiscal years three times the amount completed in 2000.

While europe is modernizing half a century of technology russia and china have gone far ahead which in the future will make the armies of the old world inferior european armies are steadily increasing the technological gap with the three world leaders russia china and the united states which ultimately threatens.

Ldquo the public housing sector may be looking at another banner year in 2022 even as the authorities push out more bto flats to meet the increasing housing needs the construction sector may struggle to clear the backlog of flat completions rdquo says sun.

1 sprint burndown type scrum metrics application tracking progress time on completing tasks within a sprint sprint burndown is an agile measurement of two main parameters of project performance time in story points and the work left.