How to recover sa password open sql server configuration manager stop the sql server instance you need to recover the sa password open the properties on the sql server instance and click on the advanced tab start the sql service instance open the command prompt run sqlcmd and press enter.

How do i play my game once a game is downloaded use the steam client to play the game if steam isnt already running then run the steam client on your computer in windows click on start or the windows flag in the bottom left of the screen type steam and then choose steam from the list on mac hold the command button and tap space.

Not sure how to provide evidence to you i have 395 games installed by steam of which 88 have steam appid txt in the right place one of those is an empty file 31 more games have steam appid txt in a different location only 30 of my games have any steam appid txt file anywhere in the installation.

Had i known this before buying it on steam id not of paid for it on steam id of paid for it on ea to have access to more games kind of feel people are being mislead on steam just saying but thanks for letting me know how to link the accounts edit and my steam has been linked for years so that surely should of carried over.

Steam has an in game fps counter for any game built into the in game settings from howtogeek in steam while no games are running just head to steam settings in game and then pick a position for the fps display from the ldquo in game fps counter rdquo dropdown.

I put my sim card in my friends phone temporarily until i get a replacement to get the sms code i finally managed to regain access to my account by installing the steam app on my friends phone and tapping i forgot my password in the app the app didnt have the catch 22 of needing the authenticator to change the password finally.

Of all the usernames and passwords you need to keep track of your wifi login credentials are unique first you dont set your own username or password second your username and password changes.

You might find that some of your desktop rsquo s or laptop rsquo s largest files are system files in subfolders within the windows folder never delete any large file that might be a system file if you rsquo re not sure whether a file is a system one or not do not erase it.

Back on the website or in the steam app paste the code you got from the email message into the field provided and then click the ldquo continue rdquo button next click the ldquo change my password rdquo button type your new password and make it a strong one type it again to confirm and then click the ldquo change password rdquo button that rsquo s it.

Valve rsquo s steam link is a great way for pc gamers to stream games onto their tv while the steam link hardware is no more it rsquo s easy to get going with the steam link app on android the steam link app is available now on the google play store and you can install it on android phones chromebooks with android app support and televisions or set top boxes.

How do i find my cd key on steam many steam games provide you with an additional activation key once they have been downloaded on a steam account these keys appear in the steam library when you right click the game and select lsquo view cd key rsquo what are uplay codes for.

My microsoft account has been hacked along with my e mail and my steam account due to me being foolish and using a short password with that password being used for pretty much everything.

Steam is the adobe photoshop of video game distribution both apps are the leaders in their respective categories both are massive in size and scope and both may be intimidating to first time users.

But not super great for doing laundry or a shower at 3 litres i happen to use large plastic detergent jugs for bulk hot water up to 5 gallons each on top of my wood stove for hot water for bathing washing etc but my stove has a sheet metal plenum so the plastic isnt directly on the firebox andbwont melt as long as the jug is filled with water.

My account washacked i am able to change my password but once i do that i can not get the confirmation code email my phone number must have been deleted because there is no option to add phone.

If you are like me and use different controllers to play games on steam such as the dual shock 4 from sony don rsquo t forget you can use it on linux using the excellent ds4drv driver you will find that sometimes games launched from steam do not recognize the controller even though it rsquo s mapped like a regular xinput controller ds4drv allows such a mode.

Let rsquo s start with guix pronounced like ldquo geeks rdquo according to the manual i prefer ldquo gu wiks rdquo because i rsquo m silly in its own words from the about page the gnu guix package and system manager is a free software project developed by volunteers around the world under the umbrella of the gnu project guix system is an advanced distribution of the gnu operating system.

Ring allows your phone to ring for 5 minutes even if its on silent locate will bring up google maps with the location of the phone and give you the following options play sound device will ring for 5 minutes even if set to silent secure device lock device and sign out of your google account you can also display a message or phone number on the locks screen.