The logging industry was born from the need to construct extensive canals and feed boilers at mines further consuming natural resources sources environmental impact of.

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Californias very first railroad actually put into service was the arcata mad river railroad according to dr george w hiltons book american narrow gauge railroads it was organized in 1854 by the union company as the union wharf plank walk company for the purpose of moving lumber from schooners docked at a pier in union arcata along humboldt.

Lost coast calif a conservation group plans to purchase a scenic stretch of the lost coast in remote northern california to save it.

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Christopher sholes christopher sholes was an american mechanical engineer born on february 14 1819 in mooresburg pennsylvania and died on february 17 1890 in milwaukee wisconsin.

Facebook american online social network service that is part of the company meta platforms facebook was founded in 2004 by mark zuckerberg eduardo saverin dustin moskovitz and chris hughes all students at harvard university it became the largest social network in the world.

Authored by our very own sen mike mcguire this bill will protect the freedom of the press at protests whether they are anti logging anti fossil fuel or pro racial justice ab 101 makes ethnic studies a requirement for graduation from california high schools.

The conga line of pacific storms that soaked northern california over the past week was record shattering with 4 05 inches of rain in 24 hours sunday was the wettest october day in san francisco.