The assistive technology act technical assistance training at 3 center is a project administered by the association of assistive technology act programs and funded by a grant from the us department of health and human services administration for community living acl authorized by section 6 of the assistive technology at act.

History of assistive technology in 1988 the assistive technology act passed in the united states according to the association of assistive technology act programs the law was passed to ldquo support state efforts to improve the provision of assistive technology to individuals with disabilities of all ages through comprehensive statewide.

Other examples of assistive technology in special education there is truly no limit to the ways teachers and students can adapt the environment to suit a student rsquo s needs closed captioning and hearing aids can assist students with hearing impairments.

In fact we may be doing our children a disservice by thinking of at in such narrow terms as defined by the assistive technology act of 1998 at is ldquo any item piece of equipment or product that is used to increase maintain or improve functional capabilities of.

Rehabilitative technology can help restore or improve function in people who have developed a disability due to disease injury or aging appropriate assistive technology often helps people with disabilities compensate at least in part for a limitation for example assistive technology enables students with disabilities to compensate for certain impairments.

Assistive technology could be the ticket that teachers need to help students with behavioral disabilities thrive in the classroom setting examine this list of the top recommendations for these students to see what your classroom could actually use text to speech software behaviors tend to be more prominent when a child is faced with too much.

Assistive technology for non verbal children one type of assistive technology that best suits non verbal children includes augmentative alternative communication aac devices or systems since communication is vital for success both in school as well as later in life such assistive technology options are key considerations.

Some examples of assistive technologies are mobility aids such as wheelchairs scooters walkers canes crutches 1 prosthetic devices and orthotic devices 2 hearing aids to help people hear or hear more clearly 3 cognitive aids including computer or electrical assistive devices to help people with memory attention or other challenges in their thinking skills 3.

The existing standards require ict to be compatible with assistive technology mdash that is hardware or software that increases or maintains functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities e g screen magnifiers or refreshable braille displays however in the past the existing requirement resulted in ambiguity of application.

Every state and territory has an assistive technology act program that can help people find try and obtain at for older adults acls eldercare locator is a great place to start visit www eldercare gov or call 800 677 1116 to be connected with your local area agency on aging or aging and disability resource center.

Assistive technology for math there are a wide range of devices and software options to help students with conditions that impact their ability to complete calculations from basic arithmetic to calculus and beyond there are assistive technologies for most subjects in.

Assistive technology act of 2004 10 25 2004 the assistive technology act of 2004 signed by president george w bush amended a previous version of the act to reflect developments in technology in all aspects of community life including employment.

Teaching history with technology assistive technology for reading view quiz analyzing the civil rights act of 1964 title ii section 201 202 view quiz.