The health care spending account hcsa is an employee benefit it helps state employees pay for health related expenses with tax free dollars this includes medical hospital laboratory prescription drug dental vision and hearing expenses that are not reimbursed by your insurance or other benefit plans.

Example of a dependent care flexible spending account fsa for example assume your combined federal state and payroll taxes are 30 if you contribute 5 000 to the fsa that saves you 1 500.

Flexible spending account fsa a flexible spending account fsa is a type of savings account available in the united states that provides the account holder with specific tax advantages set up.

Health care spending account find more information about how this benefit works to save you money on your health care expenses learn more dependent care advantage account flex spending account fsa hotline 800 358 7202 monday through friday 8 a m to 8 p m.

A two and a half month extension after the end of the plan year during which any remaining health care fsa funds can be spent grace period separate from the run out period or the ability to roll over up to 500 of unused health care fsa funds into the next plan year.