Router config line password cisco stop console timing out router config line con 0 router config line exec timeout 0 0 set the enable password to cisco router config enable password cisco set the enable secret password to peter this password overrides the enable password and is encypted within the config file router config enable.

The default user name of your cisco router is either ldquo admin rdquo or ldquo cisco rdquo the default password of all cisco routers is either ldquo admin rdquo ldquo cisco rdquo or is a blank field once you input this account name and password you should have no issue setting up your device securely our team recommends using a strong password when setting up a.

Why you should be using scrypt for cisco router password storage ciscos implementation forgot to add a salt and used only a single iteration of sha256 like vpn keys they need to be reversible because the router must use the actual password to connect to the tacacs or radius servers the answer to strong encryption not hashing.

Introduction this document describes how to recover the enable password and the enable secret passwords these passwords protect access to privileged exec and configuration modes the enable password password can be recovered but the enable secret password is encrypted and must be replaced with a new password use the procedure.

Cisco 2811 integrated services router retirement notification the cisco 2811 integrated services router is now obsolete past end of life and end of support status end of sale date 2011 11 01 end of support date 2016 11 01 ciscos end of life policy you can view a listing of available branch routers offerings that best meet your specific needs.