It lacks a removable core increasing the internal volume of the valve stem reserve say this makes seating a tubeless tire a lot easier due to the increased rate at which air can flow through the valve into the tire but that rsquo s not all the clever design means it rsquo s almost impossible for the fillmore valve to become blocked with tire sealant.

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Flow control valves are also known for their reliability and typically have a long operating lifetime as they are not prone to clogging due to their design due to these f lexible performance parameters flow control valves have found wide use in applications across materials handling food processing and automated factory and warehouse equipment.

Poppet valves are used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems they are commonly controlled through solenoids and can be set to be either normally closed or normally open in their de energized states they are also used as check valves to provide one way flow and as relief valves to guard against overpressure.

The principle difference between the nature of the flow of gas and the flow of liquid through control valves is that liquids are incompressible and gasses are compressible when the pressure of a liquid changes the volume and density rho remain unchanged while on the other hand pressure changes in a gas result in both volume and density change.

Hale hamilton has since 1947 been in the business of the design development manufacturing supply and support of high performance high pressure valves and valve systems required to perform under critical conditions of pressure flow cleanliness in satisfying the demanding technical requirements of defence and industrial customer rsquo s.