The latest tweets from flipgrid flipgrid fun and simple shortform video discussion platform that connects 100m prek to phd educators learners and families free from microsoft minneapolis.

The process is pretty straightforward to get set up and start using flipgrid a teacher can simply go to flipgrid to get signed up by using a microsoft or google account then its time to create your first topic select add a topic give it a title and you can post a video such as a youtube clip right there.

Students can also log in to flipgrid using assigned usernames as the group creator you get to set up usernames for students you can create as many usernames as you want and you can also bulk upload up to 250 usernames at a time by uploading a csv when creating a username a unique qr code is also created for the member to scan on the free.

Flipgrid is an excellent video discussion platform that teachers can use to empower students voice and boost their creative thinking the way flipgrid works is simple teachers create groups for their class a group is a shared.

One of the main things going for flipgrid is its ease of use teachers set up an account and create grids which act as communities for students to work in within each grid the teacher creates prompts called topics and students post video responses to the prompts and replies to each other rsquo s videos.

Every student deserves to be seen and heard in the classroom and flipgrid helps educators make this possible through highly visual and interactive video discussions that keep students engaged and collaborative to build on this we rsquo re introducing even more exciting ways that flipgrid can amplify student voice here rsquo s what rsquo s new 1.

Flipgrid is microsofts simple free and accessible video discussion experience for educators learners and families if youre an educator looking for training on flipgrid or opportunities to connect your learners with designers developers authors scientists and fellow celebrated guests check out these sessions.

Flipgrid introductions you can split students up into small groups in breakout rooms we invited participants to sum up their reactions.

Over the past few months flipgrid has appeared as the new kid on the edtech scene through flipgrid teachers can create grids similar to class sections in classroom or a learning management system and post topics for students to reflect upon using a quick four step process students respond to prompts through a video.

Students answer on their own devices and earn in app cash for upgrades and power ups flipgrid we love flipgrid set up topic boards for your class and have students submit video responses videos are moderated by teachers to create a safe environment we use flipgrid for students to share sparks and introduce themselves in the beginning of.

Im having trouble using prezi video in teams i can create the presentation i can share it using my prezi camera however in big meetings people cant see it clearly specially if im not the organiser of the event.

Flipgrid what it is students and teachers record short videos to document and share their learning on a subject it rsquo s kind of like social media for learning and it rsquo s a great way to stay in touch what they rsquo re offering flipgrid is always free for educators with a google or microsoft account sign up here flipgrid fuel education.