Todays saint st justin martyr laid out one of the earliest descriptions of the mass in his ldquo first apology rdquo written between 153 and 155 a d it rsquo s great because it offers a simplified version of catholic theology intended for those who had no idea about the eucharist or mass his description reveals how constant the mass has remained over the last two millennia.

Justin is generally recognized as the first great philosopher of early christianity showing how the gospel could stand up to the philosophical heritage of the greek world and sustain a sound scholarly basis for its claim to truth he was schooled in greek philosophy but one day while walking the seaside justin was brought to faith in christ through the witness of.

The issue is addressed in the first century didache which taught that baptism was a prerequisite to taking communion didache 9 10 ndash 12 in the second century justin martyr laid down three requirements for taking communion belief in the church rsquo s teachings baptism and ldquo so living as christ has enjoined rdquo first apology chapter lxvi.

Ante nicene fathers here are the complete ante nicene works subtitled ldquo the writings of the fathers down to a d 325 rdquo ndash about 11 000 pages the collection of books consists of 10 volumes last volume is the index containing english translations of the majority of early christian writings the period covers the beginning of christianity until before the promulgation.