Fire sprinkler risers are in a sense where the plumbing outside a building ends and a fire sprinkler system begins each riser taps into a permanent source of water such as a pipe connected to the city water system a water tank or reservoir then it conveys that water to the network of pipes running to fire sprinkler heads.

Access doors for automatic sprinkler system riser rooms and fire pump rooms shall be labeled with an approved sign the lettering shall be in a contrasting color to the background letters shall have a minimum height of 2 inches 51 mm with a minimum stroke of 3 8 inch 10 mm.

Hydraulic nameplate ndash check that this is secured to the sprinkler riser and legible annual inspection checklist for sprinkler systems the nfpa requires that you have a licensed technician inspect your fire sprinkler system annually to keep your building safe and up to code.

Autocad details drawings are a set of items and their details illustrated they are used in the design of firefighting systems such as fire sprinkler system fire hose cabinets and gas systems etc.

Our arrow shaped fire department connection signs are available in sturdy aluminum that is highly durable outdoors and quickly provides direction towards the nearest fdc the left and right arrow signs horizontal are available in two sizes 6 x 18 inches and 9 x 27 inches the smaller arrow signs are constructed from 63 mil thick aluminum while the larger.