Designate a new beneficiary anytime complete form sf 2823 designation of beneficiary federal employees group life insurance program and mail original to u s customs and border protection retirement and benefits advisory services rabas 90k street ne 5th floor washington dc 20229 mail stop 1400.

The office of federal employees group life insurance ofegli a private entity under contract with the federal government processes and pays claims under the fegli program beneficiaries must submit a claim to the ofegli to collect on the policy survivors can call them at 1 800 633 4542 to follow up on submitted claims.

Federal fegli designation of beneficiary form ndash sf 2823 dc life insurance designation form pension beneficiary designation forms beneficiary designation form police and fire beneficiary designation form teachers post 1956 military service opm estimated earnings during military service form ri 20 97 post 56 military service.

Many assets pass by beneficiary designation mdash which is the ability to fill out a form with the financial company holding the asset and name who will inherit the asset upon your death.

Sf 2818 fegli federal employees who are retiring or receiving compensation payments use this form to indicate their choices for continuing their life insurance coverage sf 2823 fegli beneficiary election form sf 3102 designation of beneficiary federal employees retirement system sf 3104 application for death benefits fers.