See the 5 most inspiring and famous video game designers in the world weve listed the most successful and inspirational game developers to help aspiring designers find new motivation to create.

A so you rsquo re thinking about becoming a video game designer maybe your sister rsquo s boyfriend mentioned something about it recently or maybe you rsquo ve wanted to be involved in the creative process for video games ever since you first started playing them.

This famous graphic designer combines historical and modern elements to create his trademark style which can be clearly seen with one glance at his instagram account a lover of retro hardcover books you could imagine l frank baum enlisting riley rsquo s typography skills if he were around in the days of the wizard of oz rsquo s early publication.

Peter molyneux is an english programmer and video game designer he is credited with creating several popular video games like populous dungeon keeper theme park godus and the fable series in 2004 he was inducted into the aias hall of fame in 2011 peter molyneux was honored at the game developers choice awards with the lifetime.

Game design popularity according to statista the video game industry saw 10 billion spent in 2019 for mobile games video games may be the largest entertainment industry in the world and it rsquo s still growing game designers developers and artists are in very high demand and the demand is increasing each year.

Last year rsquo s pokemon go the most famous ar game demonstrated the compelling power of combining the real world with the video game world for the first time in the future vr and ar based open world video games may provide players with a ldquo real world rdquo experience perhaps similar to that imagined by the tv series ldquo westworld rdquo in this.

First appearance in a game pokemon puzzle league 2000 contrary to popular belief ash ketchum is not the protagonist of video games such as pokemon red blue or yellow instead the main character of those games is named red who the anime character known as ash ketchum is based on the only game ash ketchum appears in is pokemon puzzle.

Ann silver ndash well known deaf graphic designer advocate for deaf culture art and one of the founders de rsquo via deaf view image art braam jordaan ndash well known deaf animator joseph henry sharp ndash famous deaf artist and one of the founding members of the taos society of artists a group that produced some of the most significant artwork.