Event details an account failed to log on subject security id system account name computername account domain workgroup logon id 0x3e7 logon type 8 account for which logon failed security id null sid account name office account domain computername failure information failure reason unknown user name or bad password.

Account for which logon failed security id sid of the account that was specified in the logon attempt event viewer automatically tries to resolve sids and show the account name if the sid cannot be resolved you will see the source data in the event.

Dharmesh solanki this is of course not the solution to the problem this is the real solution to the problem in my case 1 uninstall following windows updates kb2621440 and kb2667402.

This event is slightly different to all of the others that ive found during research but i have determined the following event id 4625 an account failed to log on logon type 3 network i e connection to shared folder on this computer from elsewhere on network security id null sid a valid account was not identified.

On the client machine event 4648 a logon was attempted using explicit credentials occurs with this data process information process id 0x26c process name c windows system32 svchost exe then 1 second later the server logs the event 4625 failed login from the client.

Today i witnessed event id 3210 where local dc is added propertly to a site with a valid subnet meaning ad sites and services config is correctly the issue i acute m wondering very much is that this workstation is trying to establish connection to a.

Step 3 ndash search related event logs in event viewer the event ids for ldquo audit logon events rdquo and ldquo audit account logon events rdquo are given below you have to check these event ids in security logs to track successful logon logoff and failed logon attempts audit logon events.

Logon is not possible either if the default profile rsquo s ntuser dat file is nonexistent or corrupt if ntuser dat does not exist the user profile service logs an event with id 1500 and source user profile service in the application event log windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded.

An account failed to log on subject security id null sid account name account domain logon id 0x0 logon type 3 account for which logon failed security id null sid account name aaman account domain failure information failure reason unknown user name or bad password.

If you can log on to the domain without a problem you can safely ignore event id 5719 because the netlogon service may start before the network is ready the computer may be unable to locate the logon domain controller therefore event id 5719 is logged after the network is ready the computer will try again to locate the logon domain.

Successful logins for sql server 2005 and 2008 will have an event id of 18454 and failed logins will have an event id of 18456 sql server 2000 uses the same event id for both making it impossible to determine of the event signifies a.

Dcdiag ndash failed test dfsrevent active directory vipan kumar september 6 2015 march 5 2020 comments dfs replication service stopped replication event id 2213 during a logon attempt the user rsquo s security context accumulated too many security ids.

Check registry key hkey local machine software policies microsoft windows workplacejoin autoworkplacejoin reg dword 0x00000000 0 autoworkplacejoin should be 0.

The event id 7000 log might state the servicename service failed to start due to the following error the service did not start due to a logon failure note that the exact log details can vary slightly.

Event id 4625 failure reason the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this machine enabling storefront traces in certain instances no errors are logged inside event logs security or any other logs such as system application citrix delivery services if this is the case enable the storefront traces.

Important note the guidance in this post will disable support for null ssl tls cipher suites on the directaccess server this will result in reduced scalability and performance for all clients including windows 8 x and windows 10 it is recommended that tls 1 0 not be disabled on the directaccess server if at all possible when performing security hardening on.