In this step by step we import one of the power bi sample datasets and use it to create our new dashboard the sample we use is an excel workbook with two powerview sheets when power bi imports the workbook it adds a dataset and a report to your workspace.

Power bi desktop once you launch power bi desktop at the top of the page is a ribbon of various tabs the home 1 tab provides various common functions you can get new data 2 edit your current data 3 add new pages 4 visuals or objects 5 create new measures and columns 6 or publish your report to power bi on the internet 7.

Dashboards are not available in power bi desktop to make a copy of a dashboard you must be the dashboard creator dashboards that have been shared with you as an app cannot be duplicated open the dashboard in the upper left corner select file save a copy give the dashboard a name and select duplicate.

Power bi has this excessive functionality where you can go and download preset layouts which make your power bi reports look more effective there is a simple trick to create these power bi layouts you can create layouts in powerpoint and then convert them into images after that you can insert them into your power bi report as an image and send the image right.

Design a report in power bi desktop part 2 create a power bi dashboard create a power bi paginated report perform data analysis in power bi desktop enforce row level security exercise 1 work with filter context in this exercise you will create measures with dax expressions involving filter context manipulation.

Hi team will you be able to share a document video on a brd template to be considered while consolidating the requirements i am consolidating the requirements to build a dashboard establishing connection to a data warehouse any document that can be shared which i can leverage as a benchmark to consolidate the needs and the attributes needed to be.

The first approach to create hierarchy in power bi to create a new hierarchy in power bi drag and drop one field on to the other it automatically creates a hierarchy for you to demonstrate the same in power bi we are dragging the product subcategory onto the product category field now you can see the newly created hierarchy.

Power bi desktop installation the installation wizard will get us through the process of entering the information about our sccm sql server and or azure environment in order to establish a connection for power bi at the end of the process the template file dashboard will be available to download and use we will start by installing power.

When you are using power bi for your report analysis you also need to create a few dashboards that can be really helpful and used often you can restructure your process and update your reports by creating power bi templates that give you the ability to upload a number of data sources and automatically rebuild your charts and formats in a new active dashboard.

Cons of power bi dashboards only one page visuals could come from more than one report or dataset not available on power bi desktop no filter or slicer feature on the other hand a report is a multi page canvas you can fill with visualizations from one dataset pros of power bi reports ability to use slicers and filters on all report pages.

In power bi desktop you can create your own hierarchies it provides drill down action to the bi report when a visual has a hierarchy it enables the ability to drill down for additional relevant details.