A health care spending account hcsa is an employee benefit that offers reimbursement for a wide range of health and dental expenses these expenses are often in addition to what is provided for under a traditional fully insured plan with extended health care ehc coverage.

As mentioned the cra allows dental care for health spending account employee repayment the specific eligible expenses are check ups cleaning and other preventative services x rays and other diagnostics orthodontia fillings root canals and other restorative services full time care.

Health care spending accounts hcsa s sometimes known as health spending accounts hsa are an increasingly popular alternative or top up to traditional health and dental solutions hcsas give employees flexibility and enable an element of self service in choosing how to spend their dollars.

Section 9825 a 7 of the code section 725 a 7 of erisa and section 2799a 10 a 7 of the phs act require plans and issuers to report the total annual spending on health care services broken down by the types of cost including 1 hospital costs 2 health care provider and clinical service costs for primary care and specialty care.

The community reinvestment act cra passed by congress in 1977 was established to encourage banks to extend credit to low and moderate income americans cra requires that financial institutions undergo periodic evaluations to determine whether they are meeting the credit needs of the communities in which they operate including low and.

Indeed health care spending is the single largest component of personal consumption larger than spending on either housing or food importantly health care also has long been and continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy over the past four decades this sector has grown on average at a rate of about 2 1 2.

The city of columbus designated a new part of town as a community reinvestment area or cra to incentivize residential development the new far west broad cra will be bounded by west broad street.

St petersburg city council approved the upcoming community redevelopment agency rsquo s budget plan for the south st pete redevelopment district fund which featured major cuts to investing in housing.

The cra z art magic movin rsquo pottery wheel comes with a motion sensing pottery wheel 3 clay tools clay cutting tools paintbrush 6 paints 4 clay stamps 20 gems 2 28 lbs of natural clay and instructions the cra z art magic movin pottery wheel is great for ages 6 and up requires 8 c batteries phillip heads screwdriver not included.

Canada rsquo s spending watchdog has postponed until 2023 her audit of the federal government rsquo s pandemic payments mdash many of which were made to people who received them fraudulently mdash because the canada revenue agency hasn rsquo t begun verifying whether recipients met the government rsquo s criteria ldquo an audit is of value when there is material to audit rdquo auditor.

Cra employee fights suspensions for criticizing boss to senior brass in a decision released thursday a federal labour relations board adjudicator overturned the first two day suspension but.

As a new canadian yuan told the board he was worried that his adopted country was squandering taxpayers rsquo money on an ldquo ill conceived and flawed rdquo program of research and development tax credits.

Health insurance companies medicare or medicaid should cover your treatment for covid 19 but that might still leave patients with certain health insurance plans on the hook for deductibles or copayments however many private health insurance companies have agreed to cover all covid 19 treatment costs including any deductibles or copayments.

Health spending including spending by central government departments and devolved administrations was 164 1 billion in 2019 20 compared to 156 6 billion spent in.