Logging is an important feature which needs to be considered by the developers to trace back the errors java being one of the most popular programming languages comes with a customizable approach to logging by providing a basic logging api so in this article on logger in java i am going to discuss how professionals can use this feature to enable extensible.

1 2 how is log for c related to log4j is it a straight port log for c strives to supply a similar interface for logging in c as log4j provides in java however the implementation is not a translation of the java code so in that sense it is not a port of log4j of course log for c does owe many of its concepts to log4j 1 3.

Logback is a logging framework for java applications created as a successor to the popular log4j project in fact both of these frameworks were created by the same developer given that logging is a crucial part of any application for both debugging and audit purposes choosing an adequate logging library is a foundational decision for any project.

Conditional processing of configuration file logback supports conditional processing of configuration files with the help of the janino library you can use and elements in a configuration file to target several environments to perform conditional processing add the janino dependency to your maven pom like this.

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How to handle conditional transformations if a column in source table has value a then the value in target table should be 1 and if the value is b the value in target should be 2 etc basically we are not sure on how to handle where we have to have transformations based in if else or case statements maxbackupindex 10 log4j.

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