I need comcast business gateway http 10 1 10 1 username password my modem model is smcd3g ccr i tried cusadmin highspeed massage from webpage.

The comcast business xfinity hardware is set up a little differently from home use devices youll find different credentials are necessary to access the main router dashboard if youre looking for non business login instructions visit our residential comcast router login guide otherwise keep reading.

Are you having problems to access the comcast business router cisco smc or any other admin router that uses a 10 1 10 1 login things can get daunting for you if you are unable to use the router and stuck with something 10 1 10 1 is a private network that is authorized by the iana to use publicly for everyone if you are using any of the routers and.

When you enter your new comcast business router login your admin login details are configured to the default settings the default username is cusadmin and the default password is highspeed or canttouchthis how do i log into my router admin step 1 open your web browser and type in the ip address of the router 192 168 0 1 by default.

Make sure you know your current router username and password to log in white steady or blinking light white steady or blinking light with purple tint during activation limited operational enter the ip 10.

What is 192 168 1 1 ip address and how to use this private ip address how to login 192 168 1 1 router ip address what if you cant access 192 168 1 1 find out more about private ip and public ip address know about how to change 192 168 1 1 router password router change settings and how to reset router settings.

Pressing the reset button of the router for 20 seconds will reset both the username and password to the default ones conclusion 192 168 0 1 is one of many private ip addresses which are used by routers to identify themselves on a network.

If a client device has an ip address in the 10 0 0 x range for example 10 0 0 2 the router is using a similar ip address most likely 10 0 0 1 some cisco brand routers and xfinity routers supplied by comcast commonly have 10 0 0 1 as the default ip address.

Ireeoe the default ip address of the emg2926 q10a in router mode is ldquo 192.

Enter your routers login information if you never changed this information enter in the default administrator account information for many routers this is usually admin or blank for the username and admin or blank for the password check your routers documentation if you dont know the default login information.

Now the router will behave as a new router with default settings and you can login with default username password found.

Compared to home networks 10 0 0 1 is generally used in business computer networks home networks usually use the 192 168 0 1 or 192 168 1 1 ip address though 10 0 0 1 can also work efficiently the 10 0 0 1 ip address is generally used by xfinity or comcast routers as well as some cisco brand routers.

One issue is the telnet service in the small business rv110w wireless n vpn firewall router it has a default static password that if obtained by attackers can lead to the full remote hijacking of a device this is a mistake that can not be forgiven and not the first time cisco has had hard coded passwords.

Set it up name the 2 enter the currently active username and password when prompted the router provides wireless speeds of up to 6000 mbps which is a great option even for the busiest and the most cluttered of networks the port may be blue or grey.

By default in windows 7 favorites for internet explorer are saved in the c users favorites folder however you may want them in a different location so they are easier to backup or even on a drive where windows is not installed.

Netgear dgn2000 ndash 192 168 0 1 default username ldquo admin rdquo default password ldquo password rdquo web excel pt 3808 ndash 10 0 0 2 web excel pt 3812 ndash 10 0 0 2 x research source.

3 enter the username and password the default username is technician and the default password is pod tool those are the defaults i can only imagine spectrum would change them if they wanted to lock it down i tried to access it 192 169 100 1 with my devices over wifi but connection timed out.

Ip address assignments to and through a router nat mdash network address translation ndash is the way the router translates the ip addresses of packets that cross the internet local network boundary when computer ldquo a rdquo sends a packet the ip address that it rsquo s ldquo from rdquo is that of computer ldquo a rdquo mdash 192 168 0 1 in the example above when the router passes that on to.

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