You can close your macys credit card by calling customer service at 866 593 2543 just state your request and provide the information necessary to confirm your identity before you close your account make sure to redeem any rewards you have saved up you rsquo ll also need to repay any balance that you owe.

But when you close a credit card that card stops aging and can rsquo t grow that will cut into your active credit history for at least as long as it takes to get another account growing and if the card you rsquo re thinking of opening was also your first credit card we strongly recommend keeping it open even if you rarely use it.

A large purchase might affect your credit utilization ratio mdash the amount of available credit you have divided by your total available credit mdash which in turn affects your credit score if you charged 2 000 to your credit card to buy a mattress the purchase might represent 20 utilization of your 10 000 credit limit.

Contact macys customer support at toll free or general info phone number call or write an email to resolve macys issues shipping and delivery payments and charges request for information visit the company website www macys com or live chat for more information.

You can figure out your utilization rate by dividing your total credit card balances by your total credit card limits on the other hand if the primary account holder misses a payment on the card your credit can take a beating mdash just one late payment can have a severe negative impact the same goes for high credit utilization on the account.

To get an amazon store card credit limit increase log in to your credit card account on the synchrony website find the account services tab and click credit line increase that rsquo s how you can see if you rsquo re eligible you can also call synchrony bank rsquo s customer service line at 866 634 8379 or try st arting a live chat session with a customer service rep.