Clinton was elected arkansas attorney general in 1976 he won the governorship in 1978 after losing a bid for a second term clinton regained the office four years later he served until he defeated incumbent george bush and third party candidate ross perot in the 1992 presidential race.

Post disaster recovery launched in 2018 following the devastation of the 2017 hurricane season the clinton global initiative cgi action network on post disaster recovery is a network of organizations committed to advancing response recovery and resiliency efforts across the caribbean region.

During the 2016 presidential race gino says both donald trump and hillary clinton paltered in attempts to distort the story to influence voters she shared these examples a trump palter one example is donald trump rsquo s response in the september 26 presidential debate to a question about a federal lawsuit that charged his family rsquo s company.

Presidential is the first in a series of podcasts by washington post journalist lillian cunningham over the course of 44 weekly audio episodes mdash stretching from january 2016 through election.

President barack obama and former presidents george w bush bill clinton george h w bush and jimmy carter arrive on stage for the george w bush presidential center dedication ceremony in.

The 7 worst u s presidential scandals in november 1995 president bill clinton began an affair with 22 year old monica lewinsky who had begun an unpaid internship in the office of white.

Since taking office president donald trump has issued numerous pardons and commutations for individuals who have committed federal crimes among this diverse list includes a former new york city police commissioner the former governor of illinois and a wall street billionaire each pardon has been met with varying levels of scrutiny but trump isnt the.

Political slogans have a long history in the us dating back at least to the 1840 election campaign for president william henry harrison with the advent of mass communications after world war ii.

Just last november at the 10th anniversary of the clinton library the former president said nafta is still controversial but people.

Clinton attends the inauguration of his presidential library and museum in little rock arkansas in november 2004 clinton was joined from right by his wife his daughter former president.

A spokeswoman for anheuser busch said that the companys donation was to bill clintons presidential library the clinton presidential center is under the organizational umbrella of the foundation.

Democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton speaks at a concert at the greek theater monday june 6 2016 in los angeles clinton was in humboldt county this past weekend where she.

Hillary clinton was sworn in as u s senator from new york about the same time the clinton foundation was set up in 2002 the foundation raised 25 6 million by 2004 it had raised more than 50.

The visitor logs obtained by the mail through a request with the clinton presidential library showed epstein first visiting the white house on feb 25 1993 ndash a little more than a month after the democrat first took office.

Budget requests for former president bill clinton george w bush and obama in 2018 exceed 1 million each including pension costs personal earnings in addition to earning a pension the former president is free to publish memoirs join corporate boards and give speeches for payment to audiences around the world.

Clinton had promised middle class tax cuts during the campaign but had left those out of the budget for fears of adding to the deficit in the end the act created a new bracket of 36 for income above 115 000 and 39 6 for income above 250 000 the budget passed by a narrow margin 219 213 in the house and 50 49 in the senate.

U s presidential trivia questions everyone gets wrong morgan cutolo updated nov 23 2020 if you paid attention in history class you.

President bill clinton and nine year old shawn arbogast of harrisonburg va look over tom a 50 pound turkey presented to the president in the rose garden of the white house in washington on.