The nearly century old car spent every one of those years in clinton county ia until now in the fall of 2021 richard cregar bought the car and moved it.

Short historic runs in separate archives of various clinton newspapers digitized by the google news archive and the chronicling america project of the library of congress and alphabetically organized by iowaculture gov includes the clinton age 1871 1891 clinton daily age 1891 1893 clinton evening news 1883 1890 clinton mirror 1854.

About the annals of iowa the annals of iowa issn 0003 4827 print issn 2473 9006 online issn l 0003 4827 is published quarterly by the state historical society of iowa the historical division of the department of cultural affairs of the state of iowa a print copy of the annals of iowa is available by subscription most back issues are still available for sale.

As has been true throughout america rsquo s covid 19 history every state mdash and every county therein mdash has its own covid 19 story driven by local policies and behaviors the united states as of nov 19.