A ph d in clinical psychology opens the door to a variety of career opportunities in a rewarding field graduates of these programs make theoretical and hands on contributions in research positions professorships and clinical practice in.

The psyd program in school clinical child psychology prepares graduates to be professional psychologists as health service providers with expertise in school and clinical psychology in the context of evidence based practice you will be uniquely prepared to provide clinical and educational expertise and consultation within school and clinical settings in order.

Doctor of psychology psyd is an applied doctorate with a clinical focus psyd emphasizes therapy and counseling if you rsquo re considering a career in clinical psychology as a counselor social worker psychiatrist or forensic psychologist then a psyd program may be a great option for you.

The chicago school of professional psychology rsquo s psy d in clinical psychology programs prepare students for careers in a wide range of settings including nonprofit health care community and the government building upon a strong base of coursework theory science and practice and guided by our practitioner scholar faculty our.

Clinical and counseling psychologists fare the best in oregon and california earning annual mean wages of 112 010 and 111 750 respectively what can i do with a psy d degree in psychology graduates of online psy d in clinical psychology or counseling programs work in private practice and at hospitals and mental health facilities.