International comprehensive ocean atmosphere data set data alert new drifiting buoy reports available in imma1 format see chronology and news the international comprehensive ocean atmosphere data set icoads offers surface marine data spanning 1662 present and simple gridded monthly summary products for 2 deg latitude x 2 deg longitude boxes.

The cru ts series of data sets cru ts climatic research unit timeseries contain monthly timeseries of precipitation daily maximum and minimum temperatures cloud cover and other variables covering earths land areas for 1901 2015 cru ts4 0 is.

World ocean atlas the world ocean atlas woa contains objectively analyzed climatological fields of in situ temperature salinity oxygen and other measured variables at standard depth levels for various compositing periods for the world ocean regional climatologies were created from the atlas providing a set of high resolution mean fields for temperature and.

The climatological time period gives the monthly climatological average for each selected parameter over a climatological time period currently set by default to july 1983 ndash june 2005 you can access the data regionally globally or even by a single latitude longitude for regional or global access select community sse ag sb.