Carm is a nonprofit non denominational multi staffed christian apologetics ministry that supports evangelism radio outreach and provides full time support for several foreign missionaries our statement of faith is lengthy in order to establish a proper scope of beliefs within the organization and for those inquiring about it.

Apologetics as spiritual formation dec 20 2021 this article first appeared in the christian research journal volume 42 number 3 4 2019 for further information or to subscribe to the christian research journal please click here sometimes apologists and advocates of spiritual formation look askance at each.

The classical christian consensus that only men should be set apart in holy orders to preach and read more episode 259 all the time in.

As an international interdenominational ministry our purpose is to show that science and the christian faith are allies not enemies our commitment to sound reason and scientific research puts rtb in a unique position to engage in gentle respectful dialogue with people from various worldviews.

Revealed apologetics eli invites dr james r white to discuss his interaction with william lane craig on the topic of molinism calvinism and the problem of evil apologetics315 is a non profit ministry.

The term lsquo cult of christianity lsquo is used of a group church or organization whose central teachings and or practices are claimed to be biblical or representative of biblical christianity but which are in fact unbiblical and not christian in nature prime examples are the church of jesus christ of latter day saints lds better known as the mormon church.