Possums also known as opossums are small animals found mainly in the eastern us states it is one of the numerous predators that can attack your backyard chickens and yes opossums will eat chickens in this article we explain how to spot the signs of an opossum attack and how to protect your flock against an opossum attack.

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I builded a chicken run 12fx 12xf and inside i placed a coop big enough for 6 hens however i just got 2 to start with and they are isa brown california bay area weather is about 65f and since i build ladders swings up high wood places they don rsquo t go inside the chicken coop that is about 5 feet off ground the run is 7feet high please advice.

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No feathers to be found anywhere or signs of chickens and again i am missing another chicken which was in a secured coop one small spot something may have got in but these chickens are full grown hens 3 years or older again no signs of any others in the coop or any other chickens missing or any feathers or anything in my yard.

To do this you should avoid backing down from a chicken that is showing signs of aggression remain on guard if you have a more aggressive chicken but don rsquo t turn away stand as tall as possible and if you can avoid using a boot or stick as a protection measure ndash chickens often view these measures as threats.

Fifth on our list of chicken predators are raccoon and we all know what they look like i don rsquo t really see many raccoon in our area but they do pop up every so often raccoon are nocturnal and the tell tale signs of a raccoon killing a chicken is similar to opossums but there are a couple key differences.

Home raised backyard chicken eggs can rsquo t be beat if you rsquo re wondering when your chickens will start laying eggs read along to learn the signs that signal eggs are on the way we rsquo ll talk about the average age that chickens start to lay eggs how breed plays a role and a few tell tale signs that eggs are on the way.

Most of your leftovers will be safe for your flock but try to avoid salty foods it rsquo s okay to give your chickens fruit that has gone a little soft such as strawberries or tomatoes that no longer appeal to you but if there are any signs of mold or the food is spoiled ndash toss and do not give to your flock moldy food is toxic to chickens.

The crawchicks rsquo custom chicken run is truly the the fort knox of runs a wonderful coop combined with their attention to detail in the design of the run means this flock has plenty to do while staying safe and healthy 5 tips for building.