Impact on health related quality of life fms negatively affects functioning at the physical psychological and social levels impairing social relationships ability to fulfill family and work responsibilities daily life activities and mental health not only due to pain but also because of fatigue cognitive deficits and other associated symptoms 40 ndash 42 the quality of life of.

Psychological reactions to pain recurrent pain may contribute to development of maladaptive cognitions and behavior that worsen daily functioning increase psychiatric distress or prolong the experience of pain 5 individuals suffering from chronic pain tend to show increased vulnerability to a variety of psychiatric conditions including depressive disorders 6.

Neuropsychologists need to have a thorough understanding of psychological principles of how the human brain works and of brain based conditions and disorders to become a neuropsychologist you must earn a doctorate degree a phd or psyd in neuropsychology some neuropsychology programs may allow you to complete some of these.

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