Remember that you can type into the cortana search box too mdash you don rsquo t have to speak long numbers advertisement you can either ask cortana for the answer to a math calculation like ldquo 324234 34234 rdquo or enter a unit conversion like ldquo 55 uk pounds to usd rdquo.

Cortana can draft and send quick emails for you just say write an email or write an email to saying youll.

How to sign in or sign out of cortana in windows 10 cortana your personal productivity assistant helps you stay on top of what matters and save time finding what you need simply type or speak requests in natural language to connect with people manage your schedule find a free hour set a reminder add a task and more.

Cortana tip how to shutdown restart or sign out of windows 10 hands free using cortana heres a handy trick you can use to use voice commands with cortana to shutdown restart hibernate or.

Ive got 3 000 mp3 recordings in my music directory and both groove which i dont use because it isnt reliable and windows media player to play them cortana at one time was able to use windows media player to play local music then that was broken by updates and the groove player with its attending service was available.

I cant get the keyboard to type the pound sign posted in windows 10 support not sure if i have posted in the correct section i found the problem online but it.

Cortana doesnt just understand voice commands and carry out tasks but is integrated for use across microsofts 365 suite of products and all windows 10 operating systems version 2004 and later.

Microsoft rsquo s cortana is currently the least popular digital voice assistant and the fact that it failed to live up to the expectation made microsoft reshape its strategy in this space multiple times but none of its strategies proved to be successful so far while microsoft has been struggling to make cortana a viable digital assistant.

Microsoft hasnt published a full list of cortana commands so we pulled together this unofficial list of all the things you can ask or say to cortana on windows 10 devices hey cortana there are.

Description specifies whether cortana can use your current location during searches and for location reminders in windows 10 version 2004 and later cortana still works if this setting is turned off disabled cortana in windows 10 versions 2004 and later or windows 11 dont use the location service dont search the web or display web.

Can rsquo t hear cortana voice speak windows 10 ndash many users reported that they can rsquo t hear cortana speak on their pc to fix this problem be sure to disable any audio devices that you aren rsquo t using cortana won rsquo t speak ndash in some cases cortana won rsquo t speak at all if you encounter this problem be sure to try some of our solutions.

Cortana cant respond to commands if your mic isnt working so make sure the audio input is connected enabled and unmuted reboot windows if you recently started having problems with the smart assistant restarting your pc might fix the problem by closing any processes that could be interfering with cortana.

Cortana is a virtual assistant and its voice supported however if you don rsquo t have a microphone on your pc then you can use text based commands on cortana there are a whole range of commands that you can use in cortana below we have shared some of the best commands that you can use in cortana.

I don acute t know why it works but try it and tell if it works for you guys too press win r to open run copy paste and press enter to run this program c windows system32 ctfmon exe it brings back the language bar and for me it allowed me to type in windows search start menu and windows 10 apps again.

Win 10 home ver 1803 build 17134 81 lately when i sign in to my computer and leave it idle cortana will open by itself not immediately and i did not time it it is in close proximity to my tv and i usually have my tv turned on most of the time no sure.

Cortanas shortcut from the start menu when cortana opens for the first time she asks you to sign in and tells you that ldquo for the best experience use your work or school account rdquo also printed in small letters at the bottom of the window microsoft lets you know that ldquo cortana learns how to better serve you by using data such as your searches.

Cortana tips and tricks 1 perform specific search queries yes of course you can type anything on the taskbar search box and cortana will bring the most relevant search results.

Time needed 3 minutes sign out and sign in of cortana open the cortana app you can find this from the start menu open menu this is the three horizontal dots on the upper left side of the app.

Microsoft doesn rsquo t want you to disable cortana you used to be able to turn off cortana in windows 10 but microsoft removed that easy toggle switch in the anniversary update but you can still disable cortana via a registry hack or group policy setting this transforms the cortana box into a ldquo search windows rdquo tool for local application and file searches.

Click the cortana icon which is a white circle youll find this in your taskbar next to the search icon if the cortana icon is not here right click the taskbar and select show cortana button you can only activate hey cortana if your computer has a microphone.

Press win r if you rsquo re using the home edition of windows 10 this method will help you disable cortana this opens the prime run prime dialog box if you rsquo re not sure which version of windows 10 you rsquo re using open the start menu click settings or the gear icon click system and then click about at the bottom of the left column the version appears under prime windows.

Cortana would like to change your authentication from a password to a pin once you make the pin or password decision cortana goes to work as you can see in figure e she hasnt had much time to.

Cortana and john 117 seemingly the sole survivors of the pillar of autumn s crew after the battle of installation 04 discovered a small number of other unsc personnel that had escaped the ring in a pelican dropship knowing that the pelican wasnt capable of traveling long distances john 117 along with cortana and the pelicans four man crew fought their way onto.

Cortana can perform actions on apps in the foreground taking focus from cortana or in the background allowing cortana to keep focus we recommend that you decide where an action should happen based on what your voice command is intended to do.