Transformation definition the act or process of transforming see more.

Level upper intermediate advanced b2 c1 give each groups of students 3 unknown words they have to look them up in a dictionary and find their definitions then add two fictitious definitions of their own or the other way around first write what they think the word means then look up the correct definition.

Okay here we go each matplotlib object figure axes etc provides access to its child artists via various attributes the following example is getting quite long but should be illuminating we start out by creating a figure object then add an axes object to that figure note that ax and fig axes are the same object same id.

In this article i will introduce some of the most important photography terminology that every photographer should know beginner or advanced there are 50 terms at the moment but this is an ongoing glossary and we will be adding more words over time.

The best way to understand the axes in pandas numpy is to create a 3d array and check the result of the sum function along the 3 different axes let us understand this with an example we have a dataframe df and it has shape as 5 10 meaning it has 5 rows and 10 columns and remove word row from your english dictionary vice versa.