Softserve wird von der everest group als wichtiger wettbewerber bei analysediensten fuer das gesundheitswesen eingestuft dec.

Softserve a leading digital authority and consulting company has been recognized by everest group as a major contender in healthcare analytics services according to everest group rsquo s healthcare.

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Are we always in the right frame of mind to drive a vehicle when a motorist slips behind the wheel of a motor car he automatically becomes a vital part of this complex but useful machine if the driver is both physically and mentally prepared and.

Packard was a premier nameplate in the united states mentioned in the same breath as duesenberg cadillac pierce arrow and lincoln the crown jewel for packard was the packard factory a 3 5 million square foot complex sprawling across 35 acres in the years following world war ii the packard motor car company struggled to keep pace with the larger.

Get up early friday to see the longest lunar eclipse in nearly 600 years six hour partial eclipse will commence shortly before midnight thursday concludes friday at 5 a m.

He climbed to 24 000 feet on mount everest in 1985 has run 13 marathons and is a former olympics reporter who covered 12 olympic games jmeyer denverpost com follow john meyer johnmeyer.