At a time when many dealers in las vegas are charging 5 000 to 10 000 above msrp i was pleased to find autonation honda did not i was able to get a 2021 honda ridgeline for under msrp without added things like paint protectant which.

Btw honda car service is the only place i go to repair my car so they were either lying or stole it customer service was terrible as well every time i come here i need to wait outside for at least 15 minutes even if i made an appointment.

Autonation honda dealership and service departments are professional knowledgeable i was treated respectfully and i learned alot concerning my purchase of a 2020 honda accord this vehicle was worth all the time that is required to process a new vehicle my experience was pleasant and comfortable.

Don and the crew at auto nation ford brooksville did a great job on our 2011 escape i had another mechanic work on it prior to this and they could not figure out the issue all they did was cost me while the repair was by no means cheap at auto nation the repair was thorough quick and i now have a 2 year warranty on the work.

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24k service was of course quick and easy and the counter staff are a pleasure to work with but the service team is also good at quickly identifying odd issues in 18 months my 2020 ascent has had a defective wheel bearing and faulty seat vent fans and the autonation team identified each of those issues and the associated warrantied repair.

Complete 180 service from an usa and simple neighborhood car repair shop who really tries to help and listens to the customer and is only satisfied when they have made an actual human connection with their customers providing a functional open communication relationship for many years and family generations to come.

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The repair center here has absolutely abysmal customer service the first time i went i made an appointment for the first time of the day on a friday and it took 3 hours of waiting in the lobby to complete my cars first regular service.

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